In the Embrace of Basic Goodness

You might have noticed the words ‘Embrace Basic Goodness’ embossed on some of our ROWDY slings. Why is that there and what does it mean? 

Basic goodness is not a ‘thing’. It is the natural state of openness that is gentle, brave, sensitive and perceptive. Although all human beings, at their core, are living expressions of basic goodness, our thoughts, words and actions often may not be. We tend to get wrapped up in the day to day goings on - the busy times and the stress make us forget that we need to look out for ourselves as well as others. 

At ROWDY, we are in the constant embrace of basic goodness. That means that we believe there is enough goodness to go around, and so the fundamental principle that motivates our every action is orientated around reconnecting with life in a fresh, child-like way to rediscover the world. Basically, we want to be good people that do good things.

Our true nature is unconditional human goodness. We glimpse this basic goodness countless times everyday, but since we may not have been properly introduced to it, we tend to not recognize or fully appreciate it.

That’s why it is important to remind yourself that all human beings have unconditional goodness as our most fundamental basic nature. It’s why we emboss the saying on our bags, so you carry this around with you.

All it takes is to be present in one’s body, with one’s heart open, inquisitive, and to want to do good for yourself, others and the world around you. And in a nutshell, that’s what drives us and our business - to do all good things.