Investment Fashion That Stands the Test of Time

We are thrilled to have recently been featured in TBC Media's Gone Travelling blog. Written by editor Charlotte Rogers, Gone Travelling explores how gone are the days of fast fashion, and how making products that stand the test of time are key to success going forward. 

"What started as an operation made to create leather rucksacks for local students has since turned into a company which is determined to design leather bags that fit into a society underpinned by thoughtful consumption and sustainable living," writes Charlotte.

We absolutely ADORE her description of our leather shades, as she explains:

"ROWDY offers ten different leather colours in their Classic Range, and every item can be ordered in your chosen colour. Charcoal is a deep and luscious black leather. Boulder is the ideal shade for lightening up an outfit as it’s an earthier take on the classic light grey. Root and Maple are the darkest browns that ROWDY offers. Then we come to the lighter brown leathers: Copper, Mountain, Cedar, Amber and Desert."

For more, read the full blog here.

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