ROWDY bags 'Most Stylish Global Leather Bags Brand' title at 2021 MEA African Excellence Awards ⁠
You may remember that we won the title of BEST LEATHER RUCKSACK DESIGNERS SA at the MEA Business Awards in 2020. ⁠

Well, we hope you’re beaming at your ROWDY Bags like proud parents because we are delighted to announce that ROWDY has done it again and bagged the prestigious title of MOST STYLISH GLOBAL LEATHER BAGS BRAND at the 2021 MEA African Excellence Awards!

No matter how big or small a business may be, the purpose of the MEA African Excellence Awards hosted by MEA Markets is to showcase and cast a spotlight on the dedicated entrepreneurs and innovative professionals, whose work and determination has helped to drive Africa to be recognised as one of the leading places for national and international business. ⁠

All participants are judged on merit in various criteria such as business performance, longevity, diversification, and growth. ⁠

We are thrilled and so proud to share this news with you. ⁠Here’s to thinking differently, buying better and getting ROWDY in 2022. ⁠

Image Credits: Jessica Craig @blueeyedchild_photo