Organising and Storing Your Leather Bags In 5 Simple Steps

Spring has sprung and with it, the annual ritual of decluttering and reorganising the spaces in which we spend most of our time.

For some, this time of year might be a major eye-roll moment but did you know that spring-cleaning has been found to be a productive way to de-stress the mind and boost the mood?Β 

In an articleΒ published on Healthline in March last year, American clinical psychologist and wellness expert says, β€œWhen we envision spring-cleaning as a time to rejuvenate our inner and outer world, the cleanup process can be incredibly enlivening rather than being a tiresome chore”.Β 

On top of its mood-boosting properties, annual, proper care, organisation and storage is crucial to the longevity of the trinkets and treasures that bring pockets of joy to our lives, like ROWDY Bags!

Here are our 5 top tips for organising and storing your leather bags that will ensure your ROWDY is in mint condition for those flower-filled Insta snaps at photo op spots like the West Coast National Park that we know you’re already planning this Spring ;)

  • Cleaning and conditioning:
  • First things first! Even before categorising and storing your leather bags, make sure your bag is clean and conditioned.Β 

    Remove any dust or dirt by wiping your bag down with a damp cloth.

    Take care of your ROWDY with our Aniline and Nubuck leather food products made from naturally-sourced west coast fynbos, raw beeswax and lemon oil. Our leather food restores moisture by adding a protective layer to the surface of the leather so that it does not crack and peel over time.Β 

    ⁠What's the difference be Aniline and Nubuck leather?⁠ That’s easy! Nubuck leather is velvety and suede-like to the touch whereas Aniline leather has a smooth texture with a natural grain and a shiny aesthetic.

    Our Nubuck Leather Food is perfect for our Desert, Mountain, Charcoal, Boulder and Root shades and our Aniline Leather Food is ideal for our Amber, Copper, Cedar and Maple shades.Β 

    If your leather bag has stains, water damage or scratches, take a peek at our tips on leather care and protection here.Β 

  • Organising your leather bags
  • Once your leather bags are cleaned and conditioned, the next step is to sort your bags into a system that will allow for easy, quick accessibility. South African-based home improvement company Porch’s Tamara Segal recommends organisation by colour, style or designer.Β 

    At our ROWDY stores, we organise our bags according to 1) style, 2) colour and 3) size.

  • Storing your leather bags
  • Find a cool, dry, airy spot away from direct sunlight. This will be your leather bags’ new home! Remember, continued exposure to sun can dry out and discolour your leather bag, while damp, warm spaces can cause mold. Yuck.Β 

    When storing your bags, make sure there is enough space between each so that your bags don’t get squashed and lose their shape. If you choose to hang your bags on hooks, make sure your bag does not contain any heavy that could put the bag’s handles under unnecessary strain.

  • Preserve your leather bag’s shape with filling
  • Fill your bags with soft, light stuffing material like tissue paper to ensure they hold their shape for longer and continue to look their best.

  • Store your leather bag in a dust cover for added protection
  • Each ROWDY Bag comes with a reusable shopping bag made from 100% recycled ginger beer bottles. This reusable packaging doubles up as a great dust cover for optimum bag storage and protection. Old cotton pillow cases work well too!

    For more tips and tricks on handbagΒ storage and organisation read Tamara Segal's advice,Β How to Take Care of Your Designer Bags and Shoes at Home Β via Porch.

    Feature Image Credits: Jessica Stafford @jessbinxx