ROWDY Bags’ Small Business Journey: An Interview with Xero

10 years ago, a simple but profound philosophy was packed neatly into a chestnut-coloured, leather rucksack and displayed at a stall at the now renowned Neighbourgoods Market amongst the hustle and bustle of The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Captured by its beautiful design and affordability, a local university student picked up the Rucksack recognising its potential to be a loyal, durable and stylish carry companion for all textbooks and laptops that it would house for the duration of a varsity career. Slowly but steadily, that philosophy - the philosophy of Embracing Basic Goodness - bloomed and became the burgeoning African brand that is ROWDY Bags.

With a decade of experience in the bag together with surviving a global pandemic ROWDY is now an award-winning, internationally acclaimed leather bag and accessories company that has evolved to make a refined range of practically designed, quality leather bags and accessories in a number of timeless shades that encourage thoughtful consumption while empowering talented machinists who hand-make each and every piece with proficient care.

Chief Customer Officer of Xero - a New Zealand-based accounting software platform for small- and medium-sized businesses - Rachael Powell recently interviewed owner and director of ROWDY Bags, Adam Young at ROWDY’s home base in Cape Town as part of their customer series on small business journeys.

During the interview, Powell and Young chat about the evolution of ROWDY’s business model, the slow fashion movement, and Young’s vision for ROWDY Bags regarding the role the brand can play in offering an affordable, quality and mindful alternative to fast fashion’s throwaway culture.

Video Interview: Supplied by Xero