More Bang For Your Nubuck: The Difference Between Aniline & Nubuck Leather

The ROWDY Promise is founded on designing products that will remain relevant and useful for longer. This philosophy starts with design-thinking and creating with the outcomes and consequences of the end product in mind. By designing this way, ROWDY has created a durable product that is easily maintainable.

While ROWDY’s hardy designs are equipped to venture through many a rowdy hop through life with you, a little TLC from feeding to moisturising will ensure your bag goes that extra mile.

Surface protection is known as the leather’s β€˜finish’ and it is important to know what finish the leather has been treated with to know which cleaning and maintenance method to use and ultimately, ensure the product’s quality and longevity.

Aniline and Nubuck are words that refer to the processes that are used when the hide (skin) is tanned. Essentially, Aniline Leather or β€˜Natural Leather’ is usually coloured with transparent dyes at the tannery and is characterised by a smooth texture with natural grain and shiny aesthetic.

Nubuck leather is Aniline leather with a soft, velvety aesthetic similar to that of Suede Leather. This texture is achieved through the process of sanding or β€˜stressing’ the hide.

Caring for your ROWDY is essential to protecting your investment and prolonging its lifespan. ROWDY recommends a Nubuck spray over normal leather food when cleaning and maintaining your Nubuck Leather bag as normal leather food like Dubbin polish can change the tone of your bag. Top tip: Small marks can be removed with a clean, pink eraser.

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For general care tips and treatment of water damage, oil stains and scratches, read ROWDY’s How To Care For Leather.